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Since the referendum we’ve seen an unprecedented rise in hate crimes. Communities are divided, migrants are no longer sure they’re welcome and families now live in fear of being ripped apart as EU citizens who have married or put down roots face an uncertain future.

Police chiefs record 35% hate crimes spike around Brexit poll

Figures peaked the week after referendum, with another spike following the Bastille Day attack in Nice

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“Young people learning languages won’t have the chances I had”

A translator who owes her career to the EU fears that others will find it harder to follow in her footsteps

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Brexit adding to NHS shortages says consultant

Our health service will now face a bigger cash and staff shortfall than before

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“I don’t want my children limited to one tiny island”

One family's European interludes have become part of its identity

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Registering EU nationals in UK ‘could take 140 years’

Dealing with residence using existing procedure could take well over a century

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Nearly 600,000 EU nationals may have to leave UK

Twenty percent of current EU population may lose residency

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Snapshot of Britain: #PostRefRacism

After the poll, Twitter became a forum for sharing experiences of hate crimes

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Hospital warns of risk to sick children

Great Ormond Street stands to lose millions in EU funding if the UK leaves

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Hard border ‘unacceptable’ says Irish PM

Debate begins on how to make cross-border movement work

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Dover chaos: a foretaste of Brexit?

'It's a growing concern for drivers who up until now have enjoyed the freedom of driving across Europe'

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Hate soars: a violent mood

You don't need to be a migrant or a member of a minority community to feel unsafe in the rising tide of hate: one woman...

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Hate soars: xenophobia

Since the Brexit poll result there has been a surge in reports of verbal and physical attacks on Europeans – both from 'old' and 'new'...

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Hate soars: Islamophobia

In the spike of hate crimes since the referendum, Muslims seem to have been a particular target. There is very little Muslim immigration from the EU,...

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Hate crime: racism

Reports of hate crime have soared up and down the country since the Brexit vote. Here we click on reports of racist incidents, directed at...

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