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Hospital warns of risk to sick children

The country’s most famous children’s hospital has warned that a loss in EU funding following Brexit could cost the lives of vulnerable children.

Great Ormond Street Hospital has issued a plea to the government to reach a deal with Europe to protect research and enable the hospital to “retain its brightest minds”.

It says that there is, otherwise, a “serious risk” it could lose EU staff, funding and long-standing partnerships.

The central London hospital says it currently has 44 EU-funded projects active, with six for new treatments at the clinical trial stage.

Fourteen research projects are being reviewed due to “uncertainty about current grants or applications in the future”.

Since 2010, the EU has contributed £25 million in funding for their research into treatment and cures – around 10 percent of the centre’s total funding.

Dr Peter Steer, the hospital’s chief executive, said: “At GOSH our research base enables us to develop transformative treatments and cures and save lives.

“We do not want to see this eroded by uncertainty about the status of key staff and funding.”

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