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‘Time to start killing Remain voters’

The Metropolitan Police are investigating a Ukip councillor in South East London who argued online that Remain voters should be killed.

Councillor Terence Nathan, who sits on Bromley Council, wrote on Facebook three weeks after the referendum: “Time to start killing these people till Article 50 is invoked, perhaps Remainers will get the message then.”

He elaborated: “Not threatening anyone, no need for threats just a bullet.”

When his comments prompted uproar and were reported in the national media he said he regretted the post and would “never seriously have advocated such violence.

He said: “My comment was meant to be taken with a pinch of salt, I thought it was so extreme as to be obviously daft.”

A Ukip spokesperson said: “Councillor Nathan was obviously joking. He has apologised. We don’t see the need for a show trial. There seems no advantage to anyone to take it further.”

The spokesperson concened that the ‘joke’ was “in very poor taste”.

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